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Brew Your Own (BYO) Magazine Exclusive: AI's Impact on Homebrewing

I've been exploring the world of AI-assisted homebrewing and recently shared my journey in an article titled "Artificial or Intelligent?" in Brew Your Own Magazine. In this piece, I explore how artificial intelligence, specifically ChatGPT, can revolutionize traditional brewing methods. I discuss the balance between preserving brewing traditions and embracing innovative AI tools, highlighting how AI can inspire creativity and offer novel recipe ideas.

In the article I detail how I used ChatGPT to craft a winter seasonal beer recipe. The process was an intriguing blend of AI suggestions and my brewing expertise, resulting in a delightful brew with a rich malt character and a warming spice blend. Along the way I emphasize that AI is a tool to enhance the human touch in brewing, not to replace it.

For the full story and more insights on how AI can enhance your brewing experience, check out the online version at Artificial or Intelligent? - Brew Your Own.

Happy brewing! 🍻

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