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As a homebrewing enthusiast with a deep passion for the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI), I am excited to announce the launch of my new website: This venture represents the culmination of my exploration into the intersection of technology, creativity, and my favorite hobby - homebrewing.

For those who have been following my articles on Medium, you are already aware of my fascination with using AI to enrich the homebrewing experience. From leveraging AI to optimize recipes, designing innovative beer labels, to generating creative beer names - my Medium posts have covered a wide array of applications that AI brings to the table. Now, I'm taking this exploration one step further, channeling it into a dedicated platform where AI and homebrewing enthusiasts can converge. is intended to be more than just a blog; it's a digital brewing space designed to foster creativity, encourage experimentation, and above all, celebrate the art and science of homebrewing in the era of AI. With this new platform, I hope to dive deeper into the subject of how AI can enhance the homebrewing experience, while also exploring its potential limitations and ethical considerations.

The site will feature a broad range of content. Of course, you can expect detailed articles diving into the mechanics of AI in homebrewing - exploring everything from machine learning models for yeast fermentation to generative AI for crafting the perfect brew recipe. But beyond that, will also serve as a platform to share my personal homebrewing journey, product reviews, experiments, successes, and lessons learned. Furthermore, it will showcase a selection of AI-generated beer recipes and names, providing inspiration for your next brewing session.

The goal of is not just to present the possibilities but to inspire a dialogue. As the platform grows, I envision a thriving community of homebrewers and AI enthusiasts, contributing ideas, sharing their experiences, and collaborating on the next big innovation in homebrewing. I am keen to create a space that encourages interactions, posing challenging questions, and exploring uncharted territories. Whether you are a seasoned homebrewer curious about the potential of AI, an AI enthusiast with a taste for craft beer, or just someone fascinated by the intersections of technology and traditional crafts - has something for you.

To ensure you stay updated with all the latest happenings on, I encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list. By doing so, you'll be the first to know about new articles, experiments, features, and more.

Here's to a future where technology and tradition brew together, enriching our shared passion for homebrewing.

🍻 Welcome to!

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