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ChatGPT's New Image Capabilities

OpenAI recently introduced new voice and image features to ChatGPT. Of the two, the image capability caught my attention first, particularly because of its potential for practical applications with homebrewing. I recently experimented with this feature in relation to my interest in homebrewing just to begin to understand it. I took a picture of beers that had labels generated by AI and provided it to ChatGPT. Interestingly, a few of these beers also had their recipes partially designed with the help of ChatGPT. See these recipes:

Beers created and designed by the author and AI
Beers created and designed by the author and AI

Could AI see that AI was used to help in the production of these beers? Here's what ChatGPT observed when shown the picture:


The image shows a variety of beer bottles, each with distinct label designs. While I can't taste or directly identify the specific brews from a photo, I can offer some observations based on the labels:

  1. The first bottle has a label that reads "ZYWNICKIEBLA" (or a similar word, as the full label isn't entirely visible). The design suggests it might be inspired by traditional or classic beer styles, but the exact type or origin is unclear.

  2. The second bottle has a "Milk Stout" and "Chocolate Raspberry" mentioned. This suggests it's a flavored milk stout with chocolate and raspberry notes.

  3. The third bottle has "PEANUT BUTTER" visible on its label. This implies that it might be a peanut butter-flavored beer, possibly a stout or porter given the dark color of the beer.

  4. The fourth bottle is labeled "DREAMSICLE." Dreamsicle beers are often inspired by the orange creamsicle dessert, so this beer might have flavors of orange and cream.

  5. The last bottle's label has "AUPICROT" and "AND-PUPPIES" visible, but the full name or type of beer isn't clear. The design, however, features playful graphics which might suggest a light-hearted or unique flavor profile.

To know the exact type or brand of each beer, you might want to refer to the brewery's name or other details on the label or check with the place where the photo was taken.


With ChatGPT's new image feature, interactions have become more dynamic. Users aren't just limited to text; they can now share images with ChatGPT, similar to seeking a friend's perspective on a photo. But here, the "friend" happens to be an AI.

In my experiment, ChatGPT recognized certain details, like the PB Stout, but overlooked a few. This blend of hits and misses hints at the trajectory of AI's integration into traditional spaces, including brewing. For enthusiasts in brewing and beyond, this evolving AI capability provides a novel avenue for insights.

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Happy Brewing! 🍻

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